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What is a Marijuana Shatter?

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At some point in your cannabis adventure, you get introduced to various products and ways how to consume marijuana. One of them is shattered, what is marijuana shatter? It is just one of the best ways to consume marijuana. Shatter is a type of concentrate that is colorless and easily the favorite among cannabis concentrates.

If you are wondering what is a Marijuana shatter, then you have come to the right spot. In this article, we’ll be discussing what is marijuana shatter all about and how to use it. buckle up and enjoy the ride!

What is a Marijuana shatter?

Marijuana shatter is by far one of the most popular cannabis concentrates sold in the marijuana market today, it is commonly called shatter wax or shatter weed due to its appearance. Marijuana took the cannabis world by storm during the early parts of 2010. It is the best way to enjoy highly-potent concentrates through vaping.

So, what is marijuana shatter really? Cannabis experts define shatter as a cannabis extract. Cannabis extract that went through a process of extracting the plant’s essential oils, these essential oils contains the sought-after compounds of a cannabis plant, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds present in a cannabis plant. 

What is cannabis extract?

A shatter is a form of cannabis extract. So, what is a cannabis extract in the first place? Cannabis extracts are made with the various process through different types of method, usually, it passes onto a solvent such as butane, isopropyl, hexane, or CO2. Usually, the extraction process yields a thick and gold-like color cannabis oil that contains the plant’s most active compounds.

Next, the solvent oil undergoes the next process. This results in a cannabis concentrate that takes a lot of forms, from crumble, honeycomb, live resin, and of course, shatter itself.

How to use Shatter?

With high levels of potency around 50% to 90% of cannabinoids by weight, this will give you some of the most efficient and potent ways to smoke cannabis.

To vape shatter, you’ll need a vape pen. These vape pens have “atomizer” which ultimately heat the shatter until its vaporization point giving you a potent smoke in the process. For you to vape shatter, add your shatter oil onto the vape’s heating chamber, just like marijuana extracts as well.

When the atomizer heats the shattered oil, it will quickly melt that shatter away producing a vapor, which you will then inhale to absorbs some of its potent effects.

Another way to smoke a marijuana shatter is through “dabbing”. Just like vaping, dabbing requires a specific tool for dabbing. In this case, you’ll need a dab rig. Dabbing a marijuana shatter is the traditional way of smoking it.

How does shatter differ from the other cannabis extracts?

Practicality aside, there’s only a little difference between shatter and other cannabis extracts. Especially in a cold climate, shatter easily breaks producing shards. In that sense, you could say that shatter is very much like glass, breaks easily.

Benefits of using Shatter?

Due to its overwhelming potency, users are taking the “less is more” approach to enjoy its benefits rather than dozing off suddenly due to the overpowering potency.

Dabbing shatters mean you don’t have to smoke other plant materials when smoking traditional cannabis, and that part is a good thing. Rather than completely exposing your lungs through everyday smoking of cannabis joints, vaping and dabbing is a safer way. It is because dabbing and vaping will only yield vapor, rather than smoke.


However, please do note that these cannabis extracts contain high levels of THC content. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated and full when smoking this type of extract.

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