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5 Best Cannabis for Interstitial Cystitis

5 best cannabis for interstitial cystitis

Cannabis as a means of being medicine is now allowed and permitted in some states of the United States, as well as the other regions of the world. As a protocol, patients and those that require marijuana to be their medication are in need to be certified to utilize it based on the recommendation of a qualified physician or a doctor with and a qualifying disease or condition. 

In this article, we will be talking about Interstitial Cystitis or what they also call IC. If you are a type of person that is very much detailed when it comes to marijuana, this nature of the disease or condition is not classified as a qualifying form of the disease in any of the states authorized or approved in the US. However, most lists record persistent pain and discomfort or muscle spasticity. This condition would fit most IC sufferers. 

But before we go further in this issue, we need to understand what does this disease means and signifies.

What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Interstitial cystitis or also related and described as painful bladder syndrome is a recurring and persistent ailment that makes a bladder pressure, pain and even discomfort or pain felt in the pelvic ranging from mild pain to critical ache. For most individuals that suffer from this condition, when their bladder is full, it gives signs or flags from the brain up to the pelvic nerves indicating that the bathroom needs to be used. 

Interstitial cystitis happens and transpires because the brain confuses as well as tangles up these flags because of the urge to urinate more frequently and with smaller amounts of urine than the normal person have. Interstitial cystitis also occurs more usually with women. Moreover, this type of condition can influence one’s state of life.

The manifestations and signs of interstitial cystitis can change from patient to patient. While various individuals may not see their manifestations and signs, others can discover their manifestation as very weakening. Indications of this condition are classified into pain, frequent urination, and urgent urination. 

The causes and reasons behind interstitial cystitis aren’t yet identified. However, there are various constituents that can contribute to this condition. Patients of this condition may have a fault or deficiency in the protective covering or wall of their bladder which enables various toxic substances discovered in one’s urine to aggravate the bladder wall.

There are other possible circumstances, though not yet proven that include autoimmune response, genetics, hypersensitivity or even infection.

What are the Best Cannabis Strains to Help in the Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis?

Blackberry Kush: This cannabis strain is a multi-purpose indica variety that can remarkably manage swelling, soreness, pain, and even those having a hard time to sleep. It is well established for its potent and powerful calming impacts or influences. This marijuana strain includes up to 20 percent of THC content and value.

Blackberry Kush presents a pleasant and delightful high joined with a sweet and flavorsome berry hint. Still, to experience its psychoactive and medicinal results, it only requires a little amount of it to sense its effects. This cannabis strain is best utilized during the night, particularly, if the pain and distress from cystitis are making it hard and even tough to get sleep.

Green Crack: This cannabis strain is one of the world’s greatest and most loved sativa varieties. Despite its title, it includes and holds no crack at all. This marijuana strain is perfect and ideal for those patients looking for support and release from pain with mental sharpness, alertness, and even focus.

With that, it can stimulate such a motivated and productive whole-day experience. Even if its users and smokers get weak, exhausted, or worn out, using some Green Crack improves such mood while striving a comprehensive chain of therapeutic profits.

Cannatonic: This cannabis strain is a fabulous strain that includes high CBD strain which is perfect and flawless for those patients who have cystitis urinary tract infection. This marijuana strain doesn’t provide any psychedelic boosting high. Cannatonic is popular for its varied and multifaceted values as a therapeutic cannabis strain since it has the capability to manage a number of health diseases mainly pain and swelling. 

Cannatonic’s CBD content and value can go up to 17 percent. With that, it can absolutely be powerful. The only disadvantage or its shortcoming is its outcomes as it prevails to be more diminutive than those common marijuana strain. This simply suggests that medication often is fine.

Mr. Nice: This cannabis is an indica-leaning marijuana strain that includes up to 16 percent of its THC level and content. It has gotten its name from Howard Marks. He is a popular marijuana dealer or smuggler who composed a journal called Mr. Nice. This journal has been discussed in his time in prison.

Nonetheless, this cannabis strain exhibits a euphoric, happy, comfortable, and carefree vibe resulting in relief provided to those with UTI patients, primarily from swelling, inflammation, and persistent pain. It also assists to provoke one’s appetite, which is advantageous if the health condition is causing an individual to fail the pleasure for food. Mr. Nice can also support in the battle of despair, stress, and even anxiety.

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