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Marijuana Infused Milk (Classic Weed Milk + Vegan-Friendly Recipe)

marijuana infused weed milk

At the very mention of weed-infused foods, most of us immediately think of a decadent batch of mouthwatering pot brownies or a flavorful handful of irresistibly yummy pot gummies. And while literally any type of food can be infused with marijuana, there is a huge percentage of recreational and medical marijuana users alike who are not that well-familiar with the benefits of marijuana-infused milk.

Weed milk can become your favorite secret weapon for prepping an ice-cold milkshake or smoothie that will get you flying high away from pain and stress, letting your body and mind fully unwind in the delicious embrace of your marijuana-laced triumph on a hot summer day.

How about some whipped weed cream?

Cannamilk and cannacream are so closely related that there is no way to master the preparation of pot-infused milk without eventually getting down to experimenting with creating your very own, DIY cannabis whipped cream (and you can bet it makes the most highly fantabulous topping on a piece of freshly baked pie!) Needless to say, both cannamilk, as well as cannacream,  will make your coffee scream for more (or, in a less metaphorical sense, you will be screaming for more).

Learning how to make cannabis-infused milk and cream is a fun and simple process. If you’re looking for an awesome way to diversify your marijuana intake routine without having to use cannabutter or a cannabis tincture to empower your edibles with the holy mightiness of the green medication, join us below.

Milk + Cannabis = What a Great Pair!

It is true, bud buddies: milk and cannabis get together and, nonetheless, get along, much like salt and pepper. The thing is, milk is naturally full of what cannabinoids adore bonding with lipids (or in other words, fats).

Interestingly, a study first published in the American Journal of Translation Research in 2016 provided valuable insights on the effect of co-administration of dietary lipids resulting in a potential increase of the effects of both THC and CBD, with cannabis patients/users reporting a significantly higher potency of the consumed cannabis-based medicines and/or cannabis-laced foods while additionally administrating dietary lipids orally.

Simply put, if you want for any form of a marijuana-laced treat to provide more potent effects after consumption, you can combine it with foods that are naturally rich in fats (preferably rich in healthy fats), such as nut butter. Away from the healthy and clean eating stuff, let’s shamelessly admit that a fat slice of extra cheesy pizza may be exactly what you need to enjoy increased THC and CBD potency after ingesting whatever type of edible form of cannabis you prefer.

And since the active cannabinoids refuse to stick to anything else but alcohol or fats, those glorious lipids present in different types of milk make a great pair when combined with cannabis for the sake of enjoying a wide array of tasty liquid infusions.

However, it is important not to overrate cannabis-infused milk because as far as high potency is concerned, cannabutter and cannabis tinctures remain the superior choice.

For the curious marijuana minds out there, we can’t help it but share that water-soluble cannabinoids technologies have been steadily making their way yet experts confirm that we are still quite far from possibly reaping the same benefits from water-soluble cannabinoids extractions as opposed to fat and alcohol-soluble active cannabinoids extraction methods.
Midas Letter RAW – Sproutly Canada Inc (CNSX:SPR) on Making Cannabis Water-Soluble

How to Infuse Milk with Marijuana: Top 3 Tips

#1. Choose whatever type of milk suits your personal taste and preferences best. This means you can opt for soy milk, dairy milk, almond milk, oat milk, or nut milk, among others. What you want to remember is that full-fat milk makes the most fantastic choice, so skip on reduced-fat or skimmed milk. Your top three cannabis milk partners in crime include full-fat coconut milk, full-fat dairy milk, full-fat heavy cream or full-fat coconut cream. Mind that goat milk can work wonders when combined with marijuana, while its rather distinct smell and flavor can be smoothed out when coupled with fresh peppermint and/or fragrant fruit syrups.

#2. If you want to increase the potency of your weed milk, you can always add some extra coconut butter. Doing so will not result in greatly increasing the potency of your milk but it is sure to boost up the high effects (at least to some extent).In the case of making plant-based weed milk, such as rice milk or oat milk that is known to be low in fats, it is a MUST to add 1 tablespoon of coconut butter or Extra Virgin olive oil per 1 liter of milk to unleash the potency of the active cannabinoids.

#3. You can choose to transfer your weed milk into suitable ice molds, making up for wonderful, ice-cold cubes of goodness that can be added to your favorite summer drinks and stored in the freezer for up to 3 months or used when prepping homemade weed-infused ice cream.

DIY Cannabis-Infused Milk: Step-by-Step Recipe

Servings: 3*

List of Ingredients

1. 3 liters of milk of your choice (as a rule of thumb, you need 1 gram of decarbed weed per 1 liter of milk).
2. 3 grams of weed

Additional tools: a saucepan, a whisk, cheesecloth, air-tight container for proper storage

Important Notes

When experimenting with this recipe, we found out a pretty smart trick for determining the potency of your weed milk based on your personal tolerance levels to marijuana. If you roll your average joint using about 1 gram of weed, then 1 gram of weed is the average amount you want to infuse intoa single serving of cannamilk. Above all, mind your personal tolerance to cannabis and don’t forget about the crucial role the strain you choose to lace your milk with plays when it comes to the potency of your weed milk. Because of these uniquely personal variables, we want to highlight that the estimated servings are merely a loose suggestion, and are not to be interpreted as set in stone.

For this particular recipe, we experimented with four strains of our proudly homegrown, absolutely delicious cannabis harvest, namely Hash Plant, Afghani, Train Wreck, and CB Dream.For the record, we calculated the average cost of one serving of potent weed milk made with the use of homegrown cannabis at roughly $3!

Hash Plant is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid praised for its strong potency and long-lasting effects. We decided to give this particular strain a try as it is renowned for possessing a very high resinous content, making it extremely well-suited to infuse in various weed-laced recipes, and nonetheless, absolutely phenomenal for DIY hashish preparations. Topping about 15% THC and surprisingly high levels of CBD towering 3.5% on an average, the Hash Plant-based weed milk exceeded our expectations. The effects after consumption can be described as ultimately relaxing, and ideal for fighting off pain and stress. We think this is one of the most fantastic strains for the preparation of cannamilk, and especially when it comes to medical marijuana users who are sure to appreciate Hash Plant’s healing benefits.

Afghani is a true gemstone and a living legend among landrace strains, so we couldn’t possibly help it but get down to incorporating it into a weed milk infusion. Discovered to grow high in the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani is a 70% Indica-dominant hybrid that has managed to earn big popularity because of the out-of-this-world satisfying body high that is hard to be compared with the effects experienced after consuming just about any other strain. We really loved the pungent, sticky, heavily trichomes-coated buds that resulted in a cup of delightfully stinky weed milk. The effects of consuming Afghani-based cannamilk can be best described as a happy, relaxing mind-and-body high that starts with an amazing buzz before making one feel 100% pain-free, with a beautifully deep, intense effect on soothing tensed, tired muscles.

Train Wreck is the strain we chose for its 60% Sativa dominance. Topping 16.5% THC content and decent levels of about 0.50% CBD, consuming Train Wreck-based weed cream spread onto a piece of pie resulted in what we dare to call a raw, untamed euphoric head high that was rather clear and enjoyable, hitting with waves of energy and motivation while the body sinks into the soothing pleasure of an ache-free dimension. Honestly, Train Wreck-based weed milk was nothing less but a wild ride to enjoy, sending tons of trippy vibes going in and out of one’s head, and being one wonderful strain to use during any time of the day by adding Train Wreck-based weed creamer to your tea or coffee.

For the perfect high CBD weed milk with just the right dose of THC to complement and enhance the benefits of CBD, we opted for CB Dream strain. CB Dream is a fast flowering modern-day hybrid that features harmonious levels of 6% THC to 6% CBD on an average. While using this strain didn’t result in a highly potent cannamilk in terms of psychoactive effects, it is surely a brilliant idea to give a high CBD strain a try, especially if you don’t want to get overwhelmed by the mighty mind-bending power of high levels of THC. Consuming a cup of CB Dream-based weed milk felt extremely helpful for going through all the tasks that need to be accomplished without losing focus, and more importantly, for experiencing contentment and joy even when having to cope with a busy schedule. High CBD weed milk can work wonders for treating pain, inflammation, fatigue, and bad mood.


Step 1: Decarboxylate your dried cannabis flowers to activate THC and CBD. For this purpose, you can choose to grind your weed loosely prior to decarbing it, or you can also choose to do so once the process of decarboxylation is complete. Just scatter your marijuana buds on a rimmed and lined baking sheet, preheat the oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit (115 degrees Celsius) and let them toast for about 30-40 minutes. Make sure to turn your weed a few times while decarbing it as to bake it evenly, thus, unlocking more of the active cannabinoids’ potency. When done, set your weed aside and let it cool. Make sure it is finely ground before getting down to Step 2.
The Wellness Soldier – The Art of Cannabis Decarboxylation

Step 2: Pour the milk into a suitable saucepan and add your decarbed, finely grind cannabis flowers directly into the milk. Your weed will flow at first but have no worries as the fusion will become better combined as it warms up. Now, place the saucepan over medium heat. Stir occasionally to prevent the bottom of the pot from getting scorched. If you are about to add extra coconut butter to the concoction, this is the point to do so.

Step 3: When you notice that the mixture is starting to simmer, turn the heat on low. You need to reduce the heat to the lowest setting as soon as bubbles begin to form but before the mixture has reached the boiling point. All that’s left to do now is to keep cooking the milk and cannabis infusion for about 30 minutes to up to 1 hour. The more you cook your weed milk, the higher the potency, yet you should not overcook it, so it is best to stick with the recommended 30 – 60 minutes cooking time plan.

Heads Up: Your infused mixture will gradually become thicker and thicker as you keep cooking it, especially if you stick with using full-fat milk. Regardless of whether you choose to opt for low-fat or full-fat, plant-based or dairy milk, there is a huge probability that part of the concoction will get evaporated at some point. If you notice that your milk has reduced a lot, it is perfectly fine to add some more milk. Most importantly, keep stirring your weed milk during the cooking process every few minutes or so. This way, you will prevent scorching. If you notice skim skin forming on top of your milk, make sure to whisk energetically as to infuse your weed milk evenly. Do not remove the skim skin because doing so might just remove some of the active cannabinoids as well.

Step 4: Your weed milk will take into a green-yellowish tint, which is perfectly fine. Once you are done cooking it, remove the saucepan from the heat and do yourself a favor by letting the mixture rest for 5-10 minutes as to let the active compounds set into the fat cells successfully. Some extra infusing sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Step 5: Once the weed milk mixture has cooled, strain it through a cheesecloth or a mesh strainer into a suitable container. Don’t forget to squeeze all the goodness from the plant material left in the cheesecloth/mesh strainer, too.

Labeling your weed milk container with important information such as expiration date and contents is a fantastic move, although not necessary if you plan to indulge in your cannamilk straight away. Store your weed milk in the refrigerator for as long as the expiration date of the milk you have used for this particular cannabis-laced recipe calls for.

Cannabis-Infused Coffee Creamer (aka Cannacreamer)

If you’re the type of person who adores coffee and cannabis first thing in the morning, then this cannacreamer recipe is a must-try.

You can infuse heavy cream with cannabis following the exact same steps as listed in the weed milk recipe shared above.

However, you can make a delicious jar of homemade cannacreamer with or without cannabis-infused heavy cream. You can use cannabis-infused cream or cannabis-infused milk with the same success. Just combine 1 cup of weed milk or 1 cup of weed cream with ½ of the contents of a 14-ounce can of condensed milk into a suitable jar. Add 2 tablespoons of Bailey’s or any of your favorite flavored syrups for an extra awesome kick. Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Cannamilk Serving Suggestions

Since we are always in the mood for sharing some clever ways to enjoy cannabis infusions to the fullest, here’s a shortlist of our favorite cannamilk serving suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

#1–Add cannamilk to your morning cereal. Or why not to your satisfy-the-munchies cereal. Seriously, this is the type of cereal that is totally out of this dimension because it is simply so much better than any ordinary cereal. Maybe we should ask Siri after so much word gaming in here.

#2–Treat yourself right with a big mug of iced matchalatte made extra super awesome by substituting ordinary milk for weed milk to get a glorious, kickoff start of the day, and to reap the incredible health benefits provided by the glorious, mighty combination of matcha and cannabis.

#3–Use cannamilk to make cake frostings or fillings. For achieving a well-working single dose per edible, use the desired amount of weed milk to prep a sinfully delicious batch of chocolate truffles.

#4. – Got any weed milk? Got any mac and cheese? Then you got all you need: combine these together and indulge in a mouthwatering, mind-and-body ultimate unwind. Yeah, comfort food has gone a long way since cannabis started making its way into the kitchen, that’s for sure!

#5–Mix the most cannatastic Queso dip. Melt your favorite type of soft cheese into the desired amount of weed milk. Whisk well and sprinkle with a pinch of salt, black and/or red smoked pepper. You can also add any extra flavors of your choice to the taste (we recommend giving pickled jalapenos a try).

Cannabis-Infused Milk: The Wrap-Up

Being one of the most diverse mediums to infuse with weed, and nonetheless, being one of the most diverse cannabis-laced beverages that can be further added to a big number of scrumptiously delicious pot-laced recipes, marijuana milk is a thing, and now you’ve got all the know-how to test it for yourself.

We truly hope that you have enjoyed the cannamilk tricks, tips, and friendly pieces of advice as much as we enjoyed experimenting with these recipes and sharing them with you! Cannabis-infused milk can supply your body and mind with all the benefits provided by the active cannabinoids and terpenes. Ultimately, we would rate weed milk as one of the most satisfying edibles, no matter if you choose to cook with it, add it to your favorite beverages, or to simply enjoy it alongside a freshly baked batch of cookies.

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