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purple cannabis strains
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Reasons Why Some Cannabis Strains Turn Purple

Colors in plants are usually reserved for its flowers. However, cannabis plants seem to break the rules. Not only are…

indica versus sativa
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Sativa VS Indica: Everything You Need to Know about the Two Cannabis Strains

Whether you enter a dispensary or browse the web in search for the next awesome bud for either recreational or…

cannabis indica strains
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Recommended Best Cannabis Indica Strains

Cannabis indica grows wider and shorter than cannabis sativa plants and are better grown indoors. They have calming and relaxing…

candy cane cannabis strain

Candy Cane Strain Detailed Review

If you want a sweet weed treat, then Candy Cane is just right for you. Everybody deserves a candy treat…

dwarf low flyer strain

Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Strain

Marijuana strains that grow into short and sometimes bushy plants are good for very limited spaces. A lot of marijuana…

grape ape strain

Grape Ape Strain Review

What happens when you combine three highly influential marijuana strains into one striking strain? You get the strain called “Grape…

crown royale cannabis strain

Crown Royale Cannabis Detailed Review

Many are attracted to the bright purple hues as well as the deep green foliage of Crown Royale. It is…

black indica cannabis strain

Black Indica Cannabis Detailed Review

The Black Indica cannabis strain was named after its distinctive and dark color and appearance. Those who have tried the…

berry white cannabis strain

Berry White Cannabis Strain

Berry White is the offspring of popular strains Blueberry and White Widow. And despite its popular parents, Berry White has…

indica vs sativa differences

Difference Between Indica and Sativa

Marijuana has many uses and it can treat several disease or ailments. It is known for promoting good sleep, reducing…