Reasons Why Some Cannabis Strains Turn Purple

purple cannabis strains

Colors in plants are usually reserved for its flowers. However, cannabis plants seem to break the rules. Not only are cannabis flowers available in varying colors but even the leaves tend to change dramatically from green to purple or from green to red. What causes this change and what to do with it will all […]

Sativa VS Indica: Everything You Need to Know about the Two Cannabis Strains

indica versus sativa

Whether you enter a dispensary or browse the web in search for the next awesome bud for either recreational or medicinal purposes, you are inevitably faced with two popular categories, namely Sativa and Indica. In this article, we will look into Sativa VS Indica to find out everything you need to know about the two […]

Recommended Best Cannabis Indica Strains

cannabis indica strains

Cannabis indica grows wider and shorter than cannabis sativa plants and are better grown indoors. They have calming and relaxing medicinal effects, providing stone and couch-locked physical highs as well as moderate to severe pain-killing properties. Cannabis indica strains can make users sedated and sleepy, so they are the best option for night time use. […]

Candy Cane Strain Detailed Review

candy cane cannabis strain

If you want a sweet weed treat, then Candy Cane is just right for you. Everybody deserves a candy treat once in a while, and cannabis users can go back to their childhood through the hit of Candy Cane. This strain was almost gone, but they are back again to bring smile to users and […]

Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Strain

dwarf low flyer strain

Marijuana strains that grow into short and sometimes bushy plants are good for very limited spaces. A lot of marijuana cultivators perceive this as a vigorous strain. Despite their sizes and low height, these cannabis varieties can bring in high yields at harvest. Dwarf Low Flyer Strain is considered as a feminized seed. This kind […]